Leigh Powell

Leigh grew up on the beaches of Southern Delaware, but didn’t really embrace surfing until after college. She earned a bachelor's degree in Sport Management and moved south to North Carolina where she grew up visiting. One day she found her uncles longboard, paddled out, caught a left, then caught a right, and in that moment her whole life changed. She eventually quit her job in parks and recreation, started managing a surf shop and learned everything she could about the behind the scenes in the surf industry. She fell in love with longboarding and the style and grace that it showcased. That spring she witnessed the women's longboard division of an ESA regionals contest and decided she could do that! Growing up playing sports year round, she finally found her calling in competitive surfing, an individual sport which she liked because winning and losing depended solely on herself.

Then one winter she headed down to Puerto Rico for 6 weeks which opened her eyes to how much beauty there is in this world, and good waves! She started to help run a surf school at home, working hard and teaching people how to surf during the summer, and traveling and competing in the off-season. In just a few short years, she has traveled to many countries including Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico and China, and competed in contests all around the world. She is currently competing on the WSL women’s world longboard tour and still teaches the youth how to surf, hoping to inspire younger girls to live a healthy lifestyle and embrace the art of surfing just as she does.

Leigh has always been on the search for the perfect suits for surfing and long sleeve one pieces seem to work the best. She discovered Mona and immediately fell in love with their unique and beautiful suits and prints, their sustainable practices and tight community of surfer girls. She especially loves the mermaid vibes of the True Love one piece in Ginko Garden!