Olivia Calatayud

“I was finally able to connect to that part of myself that was lost”

Olivia grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Far away from the ocean and far away from that life I always dreamed off, that life she is living today.

At the age 19, she took a trip to the Canary Islands and was supposed to go back but decided not to. Instead, she spent a whole year working, traveling, and surfing. That was the moment where she fell in love with surfing. This was a pivotal time in her life, she could never go back to the life she lived before.

So she decided to study photography and began to prepare herself for the trip of my lifetime where her and my husband would drive all along the Panamerican Highway in search of the best surfing and kitesurfing spots in the Americas.

Olivia started kitesurfing 6 years ago and everything just made sense. She says “I was finally able to connect to that part of myself that was lost, that I knew it was missing somewhere inside me. I could finally be myself.”

She can now combine all of her passions and live through them. Being a professional photographer and a travel blogger lets her travel the world and discover all the amazing things that are out there just waiting to be seen. Today they still live in their beloved 4 wheel house and I have no idea where it will take them next. All she knows is that it will be near the water, with a board under her arm and a camera hanging from her neck.

Follow her along her journey at @aborigen