Stefanie Fredriksson

“Being Able to See The World Together As A Family Inspiries Me”

Stefanie, a 33 year old mother and graphic designer from Sweden never identified herself as a sailor just a woman who loves the ocean immensely. It all started with diving several years ago which later led to sailing. Now she is living out her dream as a digital nomad on-board a sailboat with her husband and their little son. 2 years since they cast off on their biggest adventure yet, a trip around the world. So 

Being able to see the world together as a family really inspires her. Every day there are new impressions, new challenges and they get to meet new faces from all over the world. Living so close to the ocean and on a floating home that can take them practically anywhere is such a treat.

This life is far from only palm tree beaches and sunshine, it’s very challenging at times and is also why she loves it. It makes her grow as a person and reminds her to live life to its fulllest. When they left their home in Sweden, they didn’t how far they would come. This last year has taken them all the way to the Caribbean and have just recently crossed through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean. She said, "I can’t find the words to say how excited, happy and proud I am. To sail the South Pacific is something that for so long felt like a very distant dream and now it’s about to come true. How cool is that?"

Steph's favorite Mona pieces are the Drifter Surf Suit and the Inspire Swim Leggings. She spend a lot of time in the sun and with these beauties keep allow her to relax and have fun in the waves knowing the fabric protects her against the sun.  She is so in love with the Blue Wow print that she has 4 different Mona pieces with that same pattern. 
Here connection to Mona: What I love the most about being a Mona girl is the positivity, enthusiasm and determination amongst the girls to all take the step towards a more sustainable planet and trying to be the best versions of ourselves. We inspire and empower each other and are connected by our passion for the ocean. Since I moved onto my sailboat not only have my passion for the ocean grown even stronger but I’ve also witnessed how much plastics that end up in our seas and on our beaches. I hope we can all do our part by making sustainable choices and taking care of our beautiful and vast ocean that I and so many others call our home. Putting on my Mona swimwear is a statement that I’ve taken that choice. 


Follow her and her family on their journey sailing across the world @knotvikings