Everyone loves a good book. Books have the power to make us travel without moving from our chair, make us feel emotions, they can even surprise us and teach us many things about this amazing world around us. We are in a time where we all need to become more aware of the environmental issues we are facing and learn how making small changes in our lives can make a huge difference.


If you are interested in learning more about sustainability, here's a list of the best books on this subject in case you need some ideas.




1.”The Sixth Extinction: An unnatural history” By Elisabeth Kolbert

In this book, the author explores how the burning of fossil fuels, the acidification of the oceans, pollution and deforestation is threatening all kinds life forms as well as the environment in general. We are in a historic moment in which the disappearance of species grows at an alarming rate, it is the sixth mass extinction, and in this case the human being is the agent of mass destruction. It is an essential book to understand ecology.


2.”The Planet of the Stupid” By Juan López de Uralde


The ex-director of Greenpeace Spain speaks to us in this book in a pleasant way of environmental movement in which he has been a part of and the alarming situation in which the planet is currently facing. With documented historical examples and his own memories and anecdotes, he deals with environmental issues such as climate change, water scarcity, the situation of the oceans, deforestation, genetically modified foods, etc. Its not all dooms day here, he also proposes possible ideas and solutions. Without a doubt, another mandatory book.


3.”The World Without Us” By Alan Weisman


This book tells us what would happen if humans disappeared today from the planet. What would be our legacy, how long it would take to decompose all our garbage, how long it would take the cities to reforest, and which objects would be immortalized as fossils. You will find this to be a strange and familiar world at the same time, but that will make you have another vision of the environment and of ecology.


4.”Silent Spring” By Rachel Carson


This work is considered as the first divulgative book about the environmental impact. Rachel Carson spoke in 1962 about how pesticides were affecting ecosystems of planet Earth. At that time it was labeled as fanciful, nowadays thanks to it the foundations were laid for the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is considered one of the 20 most influential popular books in history.


5.”The Revenge of Gaia” By James Lovelock


The scientist James Lovelock, known for his Gaia hypothesis, raises the issue of climate change in this book and also proposes realistic solutions. He explains his view that climate change is inevitable at this point but that we are still in time to save our Planet.

- María Álvarez Pérez


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