Many celebrities and fashion magazines have made the concept of "diet detox" fashionable. The word is simply an abbreviation of the word detoxification, which means a diet focused on cleaning and purifying our body. In principle, this diet is based on fasting combined with juices made of fruit and vegetables. The defenders of these diets ensure that by reducing the quantities of food and drinking these juices we will purify our body, we will be able to remove the toxins generated by stress and bad eating habits and be able to lose weight quickly. These "detox diets" are so incredible that they say that it can help in reducing migraines, asthenia or constipation. Sounds good but, is this all true? Do we really need to detoxify?


The very name of the diet suggests that we must clean our body of toxins. Our body can accumulate toxins from environmental pollution, smoke snuff or metabolic waste generated by our own body when it processes nutrients. It is true that these substances circulate through our body, but thanks to the human evolution we have three three fantastic "purifying" natural filters. The lungs, kidneys and especially, the liver are great filters of toxins. So if you do not have any health problems with these organs, sooner or later you will naturally eliminate all these wastes, without the need to invest money, time, or any go on a "detox diet".




It has been shown that certain foods help the body purify some of these contaminants more easily. Such foods like broccoli, chard, spinach or artichokes. All of them have depurative properties and diuretic effect that promote weight loss and help avoid fluid retention.


On the other hand, it is unquestionable that drinking fruit or vegetable juices regularly is very beneficial for our health. So in the end we can summarize anything in excess can be bad, even when it comes to healthy food or obsessing over a detox diet. It is important not to deprive our body of any nutrient and to ensure that we follow a healthy but balanced and diverse diet.

- María Álvarez Pérez 


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