Feed The Body, Not The Mind

In a world of advertisement, social media and overconsumption it is easy to get caught in the madness of overindulging. It is absurd to imagine that in society today people are actually dying from overheating or by eating all the wrong foods, as opposed to the third world countries problems where people suffer from hunger.


The fact that food is a necessity for us to survive is far forgotten, instead, people buy and eat more they can physically digest, using food to eat away they sorrow and stress. We tend to reach out for food not out of hunger, but out of boredom. Because if it, it is very common for almost every person to develop a form of an eating disorder at some point during their lifetime.

We have forgotten how to approach food, to understand it's importance and necessity for survival, use it to nourish and heal our bodies. We are no longer feeding our bodies with the loving idea of healthy eating, we no longer understand or quite the opposite, are resilient to the importance and impact that the food we eat has on our overall health but also the planet.

Sure! When you can get a fast food meal deal for $6, then why would you pay for a $15 healthy meal? Yup, it may seem like you are saving yourself some dollar at the time, but what about the future? Once your poor eating choices start reflecting on your health and revealing it's damage due to these budget choices? What about all the medical bills, pain and discomfort you'll have to face due eventually?

Eating healthily doesn't need to be expensive, it doesn't have to be restrictive either. Eating healthy means eating plentifully, colorfully, experimenting with different flavors and combinations. It can be easy and quick, tasteful and exciting. But most importantly, your food choices today will determine your health in the future. Don't fall under your mind's impulse for pleasure that will last only about 5 minutes but may cost you years of problems.


The most important, and a number one step is the state of your mind. You don't need to be your mind's slave, take control and become its master. If you feel and believe that you have to - not that you truly want to eat and be healthy, this shift will never happen for you. Changing your mindset about a healthy lifestyle is the first but crucial step. There is a reason why is it called a lifestyle and not a diet. It is a life change that has to come from deep down within you, not forced at you by your personal trainer or the society.

Not to mention following a healthy lifestyle, is probably the greatest act of self-love. If you truly love and care about yourself, you should naturally care about what you are putting into your body. You've heard the good old 'your body is your temple', well and it truly is. You only get this one body in your lifetime, so aim to treat it with love and respect.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle, not only will you do something great for yourself (hello self-love) you'll also do something great for the environment. Less junk food means less single-use plastic waste.

Written by Veronika Blanar

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