Motherhood, Intuition And Our Instincts

The month of May resonates with love towards our mothers, and all mothers around the world in general. Motherhood is something that is deeply rooted within our beings as women. Long before we actually become mothers, we are gifted with this precious role to grow and give life.


Mother's day is a day celebrated by many all over the globe. A day when mothers are being thanked too, and they are being honored and admired. Most likely there is a mother in your life too. It could be you, it could be your sister, your mother or your grandmother. A person you are deeply grateful for, and all that, she had done for you.

Motherhood is powerful and it can be very complicated and overwhelming, yet the most rewarding. This is when it becomes important to be able to find some time to be your own person, rather than only being a mother. We have this natural instinct to protect, nourish and to give, but in doing so we also have to find the time for ourselves and be our own person.

This way we can connect to our intuition and awaken our instincts. It may require a lot of strength and courage, but it is worth the effort. It is within us where our inner guide and our intuition is rooted, helping us to do what is best for us, and those around us.

Meet Your Intuition

We all have what is called an intuition - "wise inner guide", someone's inner voices are louder than others. As we grow up, in general, our intuition gets shut down by a number of things, from friends and family to society and stress.

When we pay attention to our intuition, it directs us in the right way. It can be described as a way of knowing what is best for us, or as sensing the truth without any actual explanation.

How to Awaken Our Intuition

  1.  One of the easiest ways for the mind to take a step back, allowing our intuition to have a voice is to take a walk outside. While you are enjoying your walk, try and keep an open mind.

  2. Pay attention to what excites and energizes you, and the things that you are curious about. Enthusiasm is one of the best ways of finding your intuition and our personal path to success. Try to move away from things that are boring and don't excite you.
  1. In this sense, meditation and visualization are your friends. First thing in the morning when you wake up, ask yourself, "What three things can I do today to move in the direction I want to?"
  1. Keeping your thoughts and intentions clear is important. Especially when it comes to what you do want versus what you don't want. You can write down on a piece of paper about what you would like your life to be like, and work towards that.
  1. Be kind to yourself, and try to avoid being negative or discouraging. When our minds are full of negativity, what-ifs, and blockages, we won't be able to hear and follow our intuition.

Intuition is a gift that is available to all of us, so instead of silencing your intuition, try to listen to your inner guide, follow its voice and allow it to lead the way.



Written by Veronika Blanar



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