As little girls, we are expected to play with dolls and dress up in pink. As we grow, we are supposed to have our hair and nails done to perfection, wear skirts and have smooth perfect and hairless skin. While boys are the ones who get to do all the fun stuff, allowed to get dirty, messy and bruised.

But hey! Things have been changing around here! Girls and women no longer have to be ashamed for their bruised knees and cut legs, these 'flaws' can be fully embraced as our desire to get wild. Moreover, women who now take on 'men sports' are seen as badass and worthy of admiration. Welcome to the era when 'surfing like a girl' isn't an embarrassment but quite the opposite. It is something to be damn proud of!


Do You Surf Like a Girl?

Surf like a girl has become a movement, you can take Bethany Hamilton, redefining the world of surfing after her shark attack. She continuously participates in projects encouraging girls to fiercely pursue their dreams whether that would be by kicking bootie in the water, on the court or in the classroom.

Let's look at Carissa Moore’s progressive style of surfing. Carissa's style has been compared to that of a man's, yet she's one of the women who bridged the worlds dividing male and female surfing. Along with Carissa, Stephany Gilmore, a seven world title winner also shows her feminine character that is so evident in her beautiful elegant style.

Although common, yet totally mistaken, comments highlighting that because women can’t perform at the same level as the men, women don’t deserve the same pay that the men receive in the world professional surfing.

Female surfing will only excel as long as the public understands and accepts the fact that, like in any sport, men and women simply perform differently. There is no better or worse. We surf like women and therefore we surf differently. Just like men, women surf with power and style, but also with grace and strength. But unlike men, we surf like girls.

Written by Veronika Blanar




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