Sustainable Fashion and What You Can Do to Help

Fashion is probably one of the most researched words on the google search. Hence it's no surprise that our world is literally ruled by fashion. However, what we wear and what we buy goes way beyond the outfit we put on in the morning.

Fashion's environmental footprint is one of the largest of any industries in the world. We are a 'fast fashion' generation, meaning we buy more and more clothes, while we keep them for half of the time. New designs and clothes are produced daily, and our commercially influenced drive for newness forces us to keep up with the latest trends. It is almost a cliché to wear an outfit from the last season. So we buy and we buy to keep up with the new season's collection.

Let's put some numbers on the apparel industry footprint, it produces:

  • 10% of global carbon emission
  • 20% of global water waste, which makes the textile industry the second largest clean water polluter.*

Did You Know?

> 85% of textiles are sent to landfills each year (that's approximately 21 billion tons)

Have you ever thought of where your clothes actually come from? What are they made of? And where do your 'once upon a time' favorite pieces end up once they are ready to retire?

When you purchase a piece of clothing you are not only purchasing something that will make your butt look good, you are also passively (indirectly) supporting a whole industry and process behind it. Most commercial brands have factories in less developed countries where people are likely to work for an extremely lower late than where the actual company is officially based. These cheaply produced lines are then expensively sold in the western countries. Therefore, when purchasing such clothes you are not only supporting this system, you are also providing the 'smart' company's owner personal yacht and monthly luxury vacations.

Welcome to Sustainable Fashion!

In this sense, MONA is proud to redefine the fashion by making a sustainable and ethical style statement through its innovative eco-apparel. Made with recycled materials recovered from the ocean and other environmental sources we craft our products using eco-friendly and high-performance breakthrough recycled fabric called Seatex. While for our yoga line, we use Evolve an innovative fabric that helps to reduce the use of fossil fuel in the textile creation process.

  • Seatex fabric is extremely soft, lightweight, breathable, very comfortable and made from post-consumer waste - like discarded plastics and commercial fishing nets - which are reclaimed from the ocean and other environmental sources.
  • EvolveTM is made out 100% PET bottle recycled polyester filament using a process that prevents more plastics from reaching the landfills and the oceans. The PET plastic bottles are collected, separated and processed in a recycling facility that transforms them into clean flakes, to create durable fibers without needing to use additional petroleum.

BONUS: all of MONA's products can be completely recycled again when you are finished using them!

So next time you go shopping think twice having our planet and mother earth in mind.

Where do those clothes come from?

What material are they made of?

Do you really need it?

Tips to Support Sustainable Fashion:

  1. Buy sustainable clothing - made from recycled material & recyclable
  2. Support charity shops and buy second-hand clothing
  3. Invest in quality, not quantity
  4. Trade your old clothes for new (or organize swaps with your friends)
  5. Avoid synthetic fabrics

(*According to 2018 report by the United Nations Economic Commissions for Europe)

Written by Veronica Blanar


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