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In an honor of International Earth Day, we decided to dedicate this blog to celebrate our precious mother nature. The aim is to focus a little extra on our environmental impact.

The very planet that gives us life, we often (if not always) take for granted. In fact, we have been abusing and overusing it to that extent that it is losing its power to recover and does not have enough time to reproduce to meet our overconsuming standards. We basically take more than what our planet can gift us.



How Aware Are You?

MONA believes that change must happen with each and every one of us, so let's pause for a moment. Look around and reflect on the situation and issues such as climate change, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, overfishing, plastic, water, and carbon dioxide pollution.

Awareness is a first step we can take towards a more sustainable life. Observe the small things in your life that you might want to reconsider. Do you enjoy sipping a cocktail through a plastic straw? Do you recycle? What clothes do you buy - where and in what quantity? Do you buy drinks in plastic bottles? Do you drive everywhere?

What is Sustainability?

Living sustainably means living in terms and ’agreement’ with the planet. To respect its importance for our survival, its power to grow and sustain life, and its complexity. Sustainability means that you care, it is gratitude, love, and appreciation.

Our Oceans Need Us

Microplastic pollution is a serious issue and is killing our ocean's biodiversity. The same fish we catch in massive quantities, that we end up eating for dinner, are consuming microplastics daily. Simply put - the very plastic that we pollute our oceans with, comes back to us in a form of food that we eat.

Scientifically, there is yet no proof of how harmful microplastic is to us, but surely you get an idea. We are well aware of what happens to us when our arteries get clogged. Now imagine, you might have tinny little pieces of microplastic flowing through your veins as you are reading this post. Scary right?

Proud To Be MONA

Deeply committed to protecting the environment and promoting a more sustainable future for the entire apparel industry, MONA, manufactures all of its eco-friendly apparel using a high-performance breakthrough recycled fabrics called SeatexTM and EvolveTM.

SeatexTM is an innovative fabric made of post-consumer waste like discarded plastics and commercial fishing nets. These are reclaimed from the ocean and other environmental sources, recovered materials are thoroughly cleaned, broken down and then restored to their original purity to produce fresh yarns for SeatexTM fabric.

EvolveTM reduces the use of fossil fuel in the textile creation process and is made out 100% PET bottle recycled polyester filament using a process that prevents that more plastic reaches the landfills and the oceans. The PET plastic bottles are collected, separated and processed in a recycling facility that transforms them into clean flakes, to create durable fibers without needing to use additional petroleum.



Did You Know?

A mammoth 14 billion pounds of trash is discarded in the oceans every year and more than 70% of plastics end up in landfills today.

“We have taken a greener path, focusing on sustainable and ethical practices from materials to design to delivery. Our entire swimwear collection helped us save thousands of barrels of crude oil and prevented tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere. We even source recycled materials for our tags and packaging.”
~ Mona



Written by Veronika Blanar




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