The Healing Powers of Body & Mind Connection

Feeling disconnected from ourselves and from others can be a painful place to be.

Being at peace and feeling connected within is when we flourish in all aspects of our lives. When you tap into the inner body your creativity will blossom, your days will become productive, and relationship will sprout. You will feel comfortable in your own skin, content, and calm.

Are there times when you get easily agitated, fidgety, overwhelmed, doubtful and uncertain? You feel disconnected, empty, useless and unable to find peace?

Are these symptoms familiar? Well, you might have to step away from the busyness of your everyday life to spend some quality time with yourself. You may be suffering from body and mind disconnection. The good news is that it's possible (and easier than you might think) to reconnect with your body and the self.


The first step is to become aware and notice that you might be 'out of sync'. Awareness is a powerful tool in leading a healthy and happy life. By being aware you observe your experiences and become curious about your feelings. Pause for a moment and become present. Yes, it probably sounds easier and more pleasant than it may actually be, but huge positive shifts in our lives do not happen overnight and without a little bit of an effort. Give it a go...


Don't get discouraged, start taking little but meaningful action as little as 5-10 minutes a day. The scary part, however, can be the fact that no one else can do this for or you. This is your personal work and your input is required. Observe your present and past experiences, is there anything that might be triggering negative or unpleasant feelings? If so, dig in deep.


Often we are ought to be ignorant or resilient to our feelings. That is not to say to it is our choice, it is simply a way we are taught to function. Unless you are surrounded by mindful people or are a mindful person yourself, nowadays generations don’t listen to their inner voices. The inner guide and intuition are lost. Which is why it is important to listen and reflect on our feelings and experiences. How are you truly feeling today?


Your mindset, negative or positive is everything. Having to see your places of improvement and healing as positive and pleasant rather than as something you must do, will make a significant difference to your journey. It’s a learning journey full of surprises but also gifts, gifts of happiness, balance, and contentment. Give yourself a gift today.



To start off with, search for guided meditation online. Make sure you sit comfortable and simply watch and become aware of your thoughts. The aim isn't to silent them, but to observe them without reacting or responding. Imagine you are sitting on a moving train, watching the landscapes outside pass by. That is, what you want to achieve during your meditation.


Is a place where mind and body become one, your breath allows you to focus on you and the present moment, to tune in and connect. Aim to practice mindfully, paying attention to your body, it’s pains, aches, and discomfort. Bring your focus to your senses and feels, and observe these. 


Is a great way to notice, observe and pay attention to our feelings. It's a form of therapy you should reach up to when you feel overwhelmed or quite unsure why you may feel a certain way. Journaling can help you see what triggered your feelings and actions. Having things on the paper will nicely free your mind and put your thoughts and feelings into perspective. 

Practice Grounding

Take yourself for a walk outdoors or a hike in the forest, walk barefoot on the sand, swim in the ocean or a river, or do it the old good hippy way and hug a tree! Seek ways to connect to the mother earth and the source. Feel the connection and express gratitude. Most importantly, be patient with yourself, all positive changes and new habits take time. Rediscovering your connection and feeling at peace with who you are is a true gift that can be deepened over time and with each experience. Be mindful and enjoy the journey!


Written by Veronika Blanar


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