"I grew up in the beach town of Mar del Plata, Argentina. Aww those eternal days at the beach naked in the waves until dark. Moving permanently here was a blessing. At the age of 14 I got closer to the ocean, I started surfing. I still feel the breeze on my face while riding my very first waves. My love and passion for the ocean will grow every day since then.

Right after high school I signed up for architecture, my family kinda wanted me to do that, it was what “I was supposed to do”. So busy and trying to make a living for myself I put many things on hold, including surfing and dreaming with exploring the pacific ocean. 7 years after i got my degree and a life change realization: whatever I am committed to do I will do, and I did. A few days after I booked my one-way first solo trip to Costa Rica to chase my dreams and rediscover that part of myself that was itching to surface.In a strange land far from my loved ones I had once again fallen in love with the sea and with the freedom found in creating a life for myself. I felt at home, surrounded by nature and inspiring people from all over the world whose hearts had taken them to that same place.

I became a surf instructor and after 1 year of coaching I coupled my passion for design with my love for the sea and created a few swimsuits in a little “tico” house for my girls at surf camp to rock with confidence and pride while learning to surf. I used to sell “Monas” riding my bike with my surfboard under my butt and a big bag of suits over the gas tank all across this jungle town.

Now, MONA is officially a Californian based company with distribution in over 50 countries. We recycle ocean waste to create swim/activewear while building a worldwide community of women to empower awareness of our environment and mindful consumption. Women that pulls the magic out of us, women who stare at the horizon to find peace on their minds, heal their souls and make an impact on the rest of the world. Love you all women of the water, thanks for choosing the ocean as the place to connect us all, thanks for making me stronger and for always inspire me to want to be the best version of myself”

 - Mona Picasso

Words from the founder of MONA, Mona Picasso as an entry in our recent #womanofthewater campaign. Feel free to explore our instagram page @wearemona and see more beautiful stories women shared about how they too are Women of the Water.



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