Women of the Water with Cait Lawson


I am a woman of the water. 

Ever since I was a little girl the ocean and her waves have inspired me, motivated me, and molded me into who I am today. Pretty much every major decision I’ve had to make so far in this lifetime has been based around the sea and her energy.

Skipping school events to chase waves (thanks mom + dad!), picking a University closest to a beach with consistent surf, deciding to forego the typical 9-to-5 American “dream” to move to Puerto Rico, working jobs that give me freedom in my schedule, living a simple life so I can save enough $$ to travel and surf waves I’ve always dreamed of.

The ocean has given me SO much. And not just an abundance of memories and stories, but life lessons that have helped to shape me into the woman I am right now. The importance of confidence, strength, and humility. It has served me in overcoming fears, unlocking my potential and learning when I need to put my chin down and paddle hard, and when I need to just surrender and go with the flow. An understanding of my connection to this Earth and its beings, and deep respect for this amazing and beautiful planet that we all call home.

Mamma ocean has been a part of my life since before I can remember, that I can’t imagine life without her. So thank you, Mamma, for helping to raise me, guide me, challenge me, and inspire me...



Written by Cait Lawson



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