Women of the Water With Christina Napolillo

It all started before I even left the womb... When my mother was pregnant with me, her main exercise was going for daily swims. Coincidence that I’m obsessed with being in the water?? Nope!

As I grew older, living on an island, I always had a fascination/love for the ocean. With the ocean being one of my most adored things in my life, it has also been one of the most intimidating.

The ocean has been my biggest challenge and biggest quest of conquering. And about four years ago, this journey with surfing truly began. Within the four years there have been lots of blood, sweat, tears shed, & lessons learned for my improvement.

I am a woman of the water because the ocean has helped me ignite my true power and potential from within. Dancing with the ocean has taught me that ANYTHING is possible in life and to NEVER give up on your dreams. To love unconditionally, use patience and compassion, and take care of our beautiful planet! The ocean/surfing has helped me remember who I truly am, I am never going to give up on my dreams, and that I am a powerful yet graceful Woman of the Water here to protect our beautiful planet and inspire others to do the same!

This is my calling and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Written by Christina Napolillo


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