Women of the Water with Kaitlyn McQueeney

I am a woman of water. 

Everyone has their “happy place”, and for me, that place is the sea.  From playing in the surf as a young girl to teaching SCUBA lessons today, water has always been a constant in my life, a means of normalcy and simplicity. I spent my early years kayaking, boating, and waterskiing on a freshwater lake, but it was the ocean that captivated me and stole my heart. I fell in love with its power, its beauty, and its energy. 

The sea is my home, my escape from all the noise and stress I face on land.  With a deep breath, I dive down, and the ocean’s healing powers embrace me as the world goes silent. Finances, politics, anxieties ~ all of these become insignificant and disappear; all that matters is this moment of solitude beneath the waves.  With each dive, I find myself wishing I could stay underwater, but my lungs begin to burn as a reminder that this escape is temporary, and I reluctantly return to the surface.

Everything I am is because of the sea.  It has introduced me to friends who have become family.  It is my most influential teacher, providing me with a variety of metaphors and lessons I can apply to life on land.  It is my source of joy, and I have experienced every emotion while in the water. I am at my best, my happiest, and my truest self when I'm in the ocean, and I'll do anything I can to protect it. 

Seeing evidence of man made products harming the very place that gives me peace of mind is a driving force of my dedication to educate and encourage others to raise awareness of this problem.  Witnessing the injustices on marine life through trophy fishing and plastic pollution, for example, is an imminent reminder of what we are fighting for.

I fully support driven individuals and groups that see the immeasurable value of using their voice to speak for nature, and I am proud to be a part of a powerful team of advocates who share the same ambitions.  Innovative actions as shown by the incredible people of Mona give us hope for a better future, a future where the natural world is preserved, protected, and celebrated.

I am thrilled to be a member of the Mona team, whose mission mirrors my goals of raising awareness of anthropogenic threats to the ocean.  I wear this brand with honor, proud of what it stands for and elated to be a part of this movement. 


Written by Kaitlyn McQueeney


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