Women Of The Water with Min Cook

I have always been to the ocean... from the moment I could walk and be first taken to the beach, I made a beeline for the water and was hooked.

To the great beauty and power of the ocean, to the vast expanse, incredible powered the feeling of calmness and peace I feel there. The ocean has been a teacher of many things... of valuable life lessons.

It helped me to understand gratitude, how to slow down and reconnect with nature and within myself, how to enjoy solitude, yet has also bro get me courses amazing memories and adventures around the world with my best friends.

He continues to teach me humility, to understand the meaning of flow. How to push boundaries and challenge to have confidence and faith in the face of fear. It teaches me how to be completely present in a single moment, sure my mind can still go 1000 miles an hour while sitting in the lineup, but that moment of terming and paddling for a wave there is no awareness of thought. It’s like hitting the magical reset button!

It teaches me patience (And yes I have lost it many a time and screamed countless profanities underwater over the years). But it also teaches me resilience and perseverance. To push through these frustrations and limitations.

The ocean has brought me so much joy, a lot of adventure, travel, laughter, new friends, thriller, adrenaline, fear, and awe! I have been incredibly fortunate to experience the many wonderful moods of the ocean and many beautiful countries. It’s saved me from myself in my darkest hours, giving me a healthy outlet for things I sometimes can’t explain. I will always be grateful for space it holds for me to find a little piece, reconnect, lose my shit, feel the feels...And just do the thing called life!

Written by Min Cook


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