Women of the Water with Olivia

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Far away from the ocean and far away from that life I always dreamed off. That life I’m living today. Since I was a little girl I always felt a strong connection with the sea. I could stay for hours on my own just playing with the waves. Little did I know that it would shape my life.

I never imagined myself leaving everything behind, selling all my things, quitting my job and just hitting the road to start traveling. But it wasn’t just traveling. My husband and I drove all along the Panamerican Highway in search of one and only one thing: to find the best kitesurfing spots.

Ever since I started kitesurfing 6 years ago, I was finally able to connect to that part of myself that was lost, that I knew it was missing somewhere inside me. I could finally be myself. That’s why I am a #womenofthewaterBecause it set me free.

Every time I’m out there, I can really be thankful for how lucky I am to be able to live so in contact with Mother Nature. In the water, there are no stereotypes, no prejudice, no society, no works to be handled. It’s just me, Olivia and the water, living and experiencing that precise moment. In the water everything just makes sense.

Here I am today, living the life I love, kiting every moment of every day that I can!
Dreams are definitively made to be accomplished.


Written by Olivia


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